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Agence de voyage située à Montréal ||
Montreal based travel agency ||
Service humain, personnalisé, professionnel.
Vos rêves, notre expertise.


Our specialities

Faites confiance à l’expertise de nos agents de voyage pour vous faire vivre une expérience inoubliable, peu importe le type de voyage souhaité. 

Our specialities.

At Passion voyage, you’ll always find the best travel agent to answer your questions on the specific travel experience you seek. Over the years, our travel agents have developed specialty niches making them masters in their given fields. 


Want to take a cruise? Need a hand planning a business trip? Looking for an unforgettable trip to Disney World? Or perhaps you want a romantic getaway to a sunny destination? We have the perfect travel agent, just for you!



Travel in class

Looking for a hotel near the Vancouver Convention Center? Need a conference room for a business meeting in Toronto or a car waiting for you at the airport in Dubai? You’re expected at your destination at a specific time or you’re travelling last minute? Let our team of experts manage it all!

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Relax to the gentle lull of the waves

Did you know that your choice of cruise ship is just as important as your travel itinerary? Not sure if you want to take a cruise to Europe, Alaska or the Caribbean? Can’t decide between a 300- or 4000-passenger cruise ship? Our cruise experts are there to help! 

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Head to the sunny south

Dreaming of the beautiful beaches of Cuba? Looking for a wild adventure in the jungles of Costa Rica or the Chilean desert? Want to go scuba diving off the Galapagos Islands? Intrigued by Mayan ruins? Our experts will customize a travel experience that’s sure to meet your expectations!

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Experience the Magic of Disney

When you first think of Disney World, you envision the Magic Kingdom and its enchanted world of attractions, fireworks, shows and parades. But the World of Disney is also movie studios, theme parks, water parks, beautiful beaches, toddler-friendly sites and much more! If you want to experience everything Disney has to offer, ask one of our Passion Voyage agents for help in building an unforgettable vacation.

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Adventure & Wellness

We take care of everything!

Are you a yoga teacher, scuba diving instructor or avid hiker looking to organize a group trip? What would you say to teaching or sharing your passion with others on the beaches of Mexico or in the mountains of Corsica? Let our travel experts take the stress out of planning!  

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Accessible Tourism

Discover the world!

For us, accessible tourism is what allows people with special needs for mobility, vision, hearing, speech and cognitive functions to travel more independently, with simplicity, thanks to access to services and a suitable environment.

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