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Agence de voyage située à Montréal ||
Montreal based travel agency ||
Service humain, personnalisé, professionnel.
Vos rêves, notre expertise.



Not sure if you want to take a cruise to Europe, Alaska or the Caribbean? Let our experts steer you in the right direction. We offer all destinations.



Relax to the Gentle Lull of the Waves...

Did you know that your choice of cruise ship is just as important as your travel
itinerary? Not sure if you want to take a cruise to Europe, Alaska or the Caribbean?Can’t decide between a 300- or 4000-passenger cruise ship? Our cruise expertsare there to help!


At Passion Voyage, we don’t just sell you a cruise: we make sure that the product you choose is perfectly suited to your needs. You won’t find discounted packages on our Website. Why? Because we believe that each traveller has unique requirements and specific expectations in mind. We use our personalized approach to steer each person in the right direction.  

It’s easy to get lost in the maze of cruises available. There are cruises on the sea or river, those with special themes (gourmet, music, sports, Disney, etc.) and cruises for couples or families. Some offer a range of onboard activities, while others combine both land and sea experiences. There are probably as many options as there are cruise ships! That’s great news, since there’s bound to be a cruise for every taste and every budget. Let us be your guide!


Itinéraire de croisière

Passion Voyage is an independent agency with the flexibility to book trips with all cruise lines. Unlike other travel agencies, we are not bound to one specific company. Our agents have a wealth of expertise in the cruises available on the market. Every year, they stay abreast of the latest cruise line offerings by taking part in online training and seminars at sea. As a result, Passion Voyage can offer its clients the very best.

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Passion Voyage: Your Dreams, Our Expertise.